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  • Calas
    The word "Cala" originates from the African word for "rice", and refers to a deep-fried pastry made from rice. This dish is popular in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Calasparra rice
    Refer to Bomba rice -- one of two types of medium-grain rice grown in Spain. It is often marketed as short-grain rice. This rice is highly prized for its ability to absorb large amounts of liquid resulting in large, plump grains of rice; typically used in paella and other Spanish rice dishes.
  • California medium-grain rice
    Refer to Calrose
  • Calrose
    Type of medium grain rice grown in California.
  • Camargue Rice
    Is a type of medium-grain rice from the Camargue region in the southwest corner of Provence, France. Typically this rice is uncommon in the United States; however, when it is available this rice has a red bran layer on the grain of rice. In Europe, Camargue rice can be found in white, brown, and red. Generally, this rice is simply prepared and served with herbs, garlic, and olive oil. Known for its nutty flavor, it is less firm and sticky than regular brown rice; works well in pilaf and salad recipes.
  • Canadian Lake & River Wild Rice
    Grade "A" Canadian, is the most mature kernel of the Canadian variety of wild rice.  The color is a dark brown or charcoal black.  Cook time is 60 to 70 minutes.
  • Carnaroli Rice
    Is a type of rice cultivated in Italy. Carnaroli rice is rich in amylose, which contributes to the grains firmness. It is appreciated by chefs and recommended for risottos; with a balance between absorbing flavors and little loss of starch.
  • Carolina Gold Rice
    Distinctive rice grown in the South Carolina Lowcountry, known for its golden outer hull. This type of rice is not associated with the Riviana brand, Carolina Gold® (Parboiled) Rice.
  • Celiac Disease
    Also known as gluten intolerance. For a list of typical allergens for our products, click here. Or, additional resources on the internet, try or
  • Chelo or Chelow
    Steamed rice with a crispy golden crust. This is usually served as a side-dish with grilled meats or stews and usually prepared over a 24-hour period. Usually long grain white rice or basmati rice is rinsed, partially cooked, rinsed again, then steamed. Final steaming occurs in a heavy saucepan, with the bottom of the pan coated with olive oil or butter. Often the cook will steam this dish with yogurt or an egg yolk to make a crunchy golden crust. The partially cooked rice is stacked in a cone shape into this pan and tightly sealed to hold in the moisture from the wet rice. The fluffy white rice is served with bits of the bottom crust, often called Tahdeeg, which is sprinkled on top.
  • Chicken Bog
    Similar to Pilau or Pilaf, this recipe is made with rice and sausage. The chicken in this recipe would be mixed with wet and soggy rice, and may derive the name from the fact that a bog is a wet, soggy ground.
  • Congee
    Is a Oriental recipe for a type of rice porridge or soup, typically eaten at breakfast.
  • Congri
    A traditional Caribbean style dish. Rice, and either red or black beans are cooked together.
  • Converted®
    A registered trademark used to describe parboiled rice. See Parboiled Rice.
  • Couscous
    Dish of steamed cooked pasta, usually served with vegetables and meat. See Rice Couscous.
  • Crisped Rice
    See Rice Cereals.
  • Cultivated
    This is wild rice commercially-grown in a man-made paddy versus organically-grown wild rice naturally grown in a lake or river. Natural Lake and River Wild Rice is also known as "Real" or "Traditional" Wild Rice.
  • Cultivated Brokens/Cracked Wild Rice
    This broken wild rice is a combination of different grades of wild rice.  The color varies from light or greenish brown to charcoal black.  It has a roasted nutty aroma and flavor.  The broken wild rice can be used for a number of areas from meat fillers to stuffing mixes and baking needs.  Cook time 20 to 30 minutes.