Want to find the definition of a word related to rice? Search this glossary for over 100 definitions. We have included additional definitions to further explain other food-related terms, such as low-fat, high-fiber, and other dietary information.



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  • Dehra Don
    Dehra Dun is a city in Northwest India that is known for its long-grain Basmati rice (Dehradooni Basmati).
  • Della Rice
    A cross of long grain rice and basmati rice which was developed in the United States. It has an aroma and flavor similar to basmati and cooks dry and separate.
  • Dolmades
    An Arabic term meaning "something stuffed", dolmades is a Greek dish prepared of grape leaves stuffed with rice, meat, lentils, and seasonings. This dish is typically served as an appetizer or as an entrée.
  • Dolmas
    See Dolmades.
  • Donburi
    A Japanese word meaning “bowl which is a little bigger than a rice bowl” and is one of the most common Japanese methods of serving rice. When placing a topping such as shrimp, beef, or chicken on rice in “donburi”, the recipe becomes a donburi dish.