Want to find the definition of a word related to rice? Search this glossary for over 100 definitions. We have included additional definitions to further explain other food-related terms, such as low-fat, high-fiber, and other dietary information.



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  • Enriched Rice
    White rice with some of the nutrients, mainly the B vitamins, iron, niacin and folic acid, restored after the milling process. Enriched rice should never be washed before cooking.
  • Enrichment
    As required by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, long grain white rice is enriched with vitamins and minerals as listed on the individual package. For more details about a specific rice product, please refer to the Products tab above.
  • Extra Long Grain Rice
    A term used to indicate the added selection process in which Riviana Foods assures our consumers of a Grade ‘A’ quality long-grain rice.