Want to find the definition of a word related to rice? Search this glossary for over 100 definitions. We have included additional definitions to further explain other food-related terms, such as low-fat, high-fiber, and other dietary information.



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  • I.R.R.I.
    (International Rice Research Institute) Located in the Philippines, it is a nonprofit agricultural research and training center established to improve the well-being of present and future generations of rice farmers and consumers. For more information,
  • Indica
    Along with japonica, Indica is one of two main groups of Oryza sativa. These rices, which are higher in amylose (dry starch) than japonicas, are generally long-grain. They grow successfully in tropical/semitropical climates. Indica rices include Basmati, Della and other aromatic rices.
  • Instant Rice
    Rice that has been precooked and dehydrated. Cooks in about five minutes.
  • Intip
    Indonesian (See Tahdeeg).