Want to find the definition of a word related to rice? Search this glossary for over 100 definitions. We have included additional definitions to further explain other food-related terms, such as low-fat, high-fiber, and other dietary information.



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  • Paddy Rice
    See Rough Rice.
  • Paella
    A traditional Spanish dish consisting of rice flavored with saffron, shellfish, chicken, or sausage, vegetables, plus other seasonings.
  • Parboiled Instant Brown Rice
    Long grain brown rice that has been precooked and dehydrated.  After processing, this rice cooks in 10 minutes.
  • Parboiled Instant Rice
    Rough rice processed through a steam pressure system, milled then precooked and dehydrated.  This process gives the rice a separate extra fluffy texture cooking in 10 minutes.
  • Parboiled Rice
    Rice subjected to a steam pressure process. It is not precooked. This process helps retain many of the vitamins found in unprocessed rice; nutrients soak into the rice kernels before the outer layers are removed; light golden or amber in color. It cooks up fluffy with separate distinct grains. (See Mahatma Gold® or Carolina Gold® and Al Dente).
  • Parching
    Wild Rice comes from the field with 60% moisture content (White Rice is 20%). Parching is part of the drying process which gives Wild Rice its characteristic smoky, roasted, nutty flavor. The end result is a product with 7-12% moisture. All of our Gourmet House® wild rice retail products have undergone this process. For more information, visit
  • Patna Rice
    A variety of long grain rice originally grown in India. It was the first type of rice (often called Carolina Rice) to be cultivated in United States and was imported into Britain, although cultivation in the Carolina's ceased soon after the end of the American Civil War.
  • Pearl Rice
    Is a short-grain rice; kernels very plump and almost round; white only. Grains are soft and stick together when cooked. (See Arborio or Short Grain Rice)
  • Peck
    Term used for field damaged rice kernels.
  • Pegao
    Puerto Rican-Spanish word for “crusty rice at bottom of pot”.
  • Perfected®
    A registered trademark used to describe parboiled rice. (See Parboiled Rice).
  • Perloo or Purloo
    See Pilaf.
  • Pilaf
    Traditional Middle Eastern style dish consisting of sautéed rice, onions, and various spices. (See Mahatma® Classic Pilaf or Carolina® Classic Pilaf).
  • Pilau
    Similar to pilaf, but highly spiced due to its Indian origin.
  • Pirurutong
    is black or purple rice from the Philippines.
  • Polished Rice
    Regular milled white rice, often referred to as "white" or polished" rice is the most common form of rice. The outer husk is removed, and the layers of bran are milled until the grain is white.
  • Polo
    See Chelo.
  • Polou or Polow
    Arabic word for “pilaf”. See Pilaf.
  • Popcorn Rice
    Grown in Louisiana, this long-grain rice is a cross between Basmati and regular rice. It tastes like buttered popcorn, but the scent is stronger than the flavor.
  • Precooked Rice
    White or brown rice that has been completely cooked and dehydrated after milling. This process reduces the time required for cooking. (See Boil-In-Bag Rice).
  • Puffed Rice
    See Rice Cereals.
  • Puto
    Filipino word for “rice flour” often used in baking or breakfast meals. Refers to “Rice cake” or “Rice muffin”.