Cooking with Aroma

Aroma® HousewaresDo you think rice cookers are just for rice?  Do you like to save time in the kitchen?  Aroma, America’s #1 rice cooker brand has the perfect appliance to help turn kitchen time into your time! 

Thanks to Aroma's innovative technology, you're just a button press away from jambalaya, oatmeal, cake (yes… cake!) and so much more - all from a rice cooker!  Aroma’s rice cookers are versatile and can prepare your entire meal using nearly every type of cooking method from steaming, slow cooking, and "baking"... and you thought they were just for rice!

Look for the special offer for the Aroma Cook’n® Recipe Browser on select Mahatma Rice products.  Psssttt, coupons for Mahatma Rice and recipes are available inside select Aroma rice cooker products.

Be sure to browse our collection of delicious recipes, made more easy to prepare by using your Aroma rice cooker.  Or, click to browse for more recipes from the Aroma Test Kitchen.  Don't have a rice cooker?  Shop now.

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